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The Band


Chris - Bass player and vocals - has been playing and writing music, both in bands and as a solo performer, since the 1960’s.
A man of many parts (some his own, some rented), Chris is the band’s ‘modern’ music oracle. He got in to country music by accident and is still trying to claim the insurance.
His voice is well suited to the Johnny Cash songs in the repertoire; He loves posing, looking mean and custard.


Phil – Rhythm Guitar and vocals – has not been playing and writing music in bands and as a solo performer since the 1960’s.
He was in the Army and remembers his 1960’s as holding back the Russian hordes single-handedly while his long-haired, sideburn-wearing and pot-smoking civvy contemporaries enjoyed free love parties and got paid more than him. He’s never been the same since. Or forgiven himself.


Ian – Lead Guitar and vocals - has been playing music since before the 1960’s.
A lot has been said about Ian which is not repeatable in polite company but he can play a bit. He is a highly technical musician, and is the one we turn to when we want to learn about new notes and chords, which we then ignore.
He is a Bon Viveur, raconteur, entrepreneur and dipsomaniac of the first water and will happily entertain anyone with tales on any subject, as long as copious supplies of fine ales and wines feature heavily - and within arm’s reach.


Pete – 5 string Banjo – has been playing music for quite a while and wishes he could remember the 1960’s. Swears he was around then, but it’s all a bit of a blur you see………. Been going more or less straight since, but has however fallen down in one important area; refuses to follow the dictum that states ‘The definition of a Gentleman is one who owns a banjo, but doesn’t play it’. Pete’s redeeming feature? He can play the strings off the 5 string acoustic bed-warmer and sometime chip pan. He also owns a rather nice acoustic guitar that he won’t sell to Phil for a knockdown price.
Pete’s not all bad. (This last sentence was written by his auntie.)