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About DixieGrass

DixieGrass are four singer-instrumentalists performing an eclectic mix of new and old Standards, Blues, Country, Dixieland Jazz, Bluegrass and much else - all in their own unique and inimitable style.
DixieGrass is an all-acoustic band; no Karaoke-style backing tapes here - no drums, no orchestras, no choirs, no schools of whales radiating their plaintive cry across the oceans; nothing to detract from the sound of a great band strutting their stuff and performing good, honest, driving, foot stomping music – live. Which is as it should be.
There is a lot of humour in the band and they love nothing more than sharing it with an audience.
After all, they want everyone to have as good a time as they’re having!
DixieGrass play Pubs, Clubs, Private parties, Festivals - in fact anywhere that good live music and entertainment is appreciated is right for DIXIEGRASS.

The Culprits
Phil Robson
Rhythm guitar, sex appeal and vocals

Pete Conder

5 string Banjo, limericks and anecdotes
Chris Maskell

Double Bass, verbal gymnastics and Vocals
Ian Emby

Lead guitar, Referee and vocals

The Lineup